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"There was a fuel issue in one mine. Filters had to be changed after operating for less than 200 hours. After installing the test unit, the filters lasted 1,800 hours" – Komatsu


"This solution is like a silver bullet. We saved $100,000s using it to identify and verify a large number of exploration targets" - Triumph Gold


Awarded the independent Earthly Climate Positive Business certification. We have invested at least 110 per cent of our footprint - to go beyond just carbon neutral.


"Axora takes the time to understand… and can quickly identify solutions that are relevant to organisations and which solve their particular challenges" - GOARC


“I cannot describe to you…the value of this data... [It] has confirmed so much of what we thought to be happening on site but couldn't prove until now” - Anglo American

Research 2022/23

Axora launches market research: Metals and Mining Innovation Forecast 2022/23

Miners making super-slow progress towards digital transformation despite universally designating it “critical to survival”. Access our Innovation Forecast to learn more.

Reduce fuel costs by delivering clean fuel to mining vehicles

Burn cleaner fuel and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in diesel engines with this fit-and-forget technology, proven to protect against fuel contamination.

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2022 Globee Award Winner

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