Why Axora?

The who, what and why in a nutshell (plus a bit more)

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a technology marketplace for heavy industry. We source the best innovative solutions, to solve the biggest industrial problems.
Our service helps industrial companies to discover, evaluate, procure and deploy technology from all over the world.

Entrusted globally by 100s of industrial leaders and innovative solution providers, we help companies take action to hit their sustainability, safety and efficiency goals.

What gets us up in the morning?

We exist to help heavy industry take action to improve safety and sustainability.
Like you, we've had enough of talking about environmental sustainability without ways of actioning any of it. On top of immense pressure from government officials, shareholders and stakeholders, demand doesn't stop.

We're already helping customers progress their sustainability targets through technology, whilst also hitting their cost-saving goals.

For example, just three of our African projects, when fully deployed, are forecast to strip out 37kt of CO2 from vehicle emissions.

Why work with us?

Our customers challenge us to help them solve issues across their organisations. We actually help them take action by sourcing the best technology to generate tangible results in the short-term as well as longer term.

We then help them to deploy these technologies across the business.

Our Team

We are a small London-based HQ team, passionate about helping heavy industry customers improve their safety, sustainability and efficiency. Over the past few years we've had the pleasure of working with some amazing Axora alumni who have helped us get the business off the ground. Cap tip to all Axora-ians.

Key members of our HQ team:
Nick Mayhew(CEO)
Elliot Hunt(CCO)
Dave Riches (CFO)

As we've matured, we've started to build our more localised teams in the key regions where we work - our partner ecosystem & Innovation Consultants. We have over 20 talented individuals and companies who work on behalf of Axora, helping customers in Australia, South Africa, US, Canada, Nigeria and many more. Our remote team are closer to the local industry trends and customer needs and have a strong network.  

Overall our extended team of 25+ is making a real difference in heavy industry - we are proud of what we've achieved so far and there is a lot more to come.