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Advisory board

Meet Axora’s advisory board 

Introducing the experts who help us bring digital technology to heavy industry.

Advisory board

Sjoerd Handgraaf

CMO, Sharetribe
Sjoerd is an executive who specialises in growth and product marketing for SaaS tech start-ups and an expert in online marketplaces. He also advises early-stage companies on growth and marketing strategies.

Alec Joannou

Global CIO, ABB
Alec is a C-suite executive with more than 25 years’ experience at both consultancies, including PwC and IBM, and corporations such as Anglo American and Sasol. During that time, he has driven major transformation programs and delivered IT-enabled business improvements.

Farhan Lalji

VC Investor, Anthemis
An investor who focuses on open banking start-ups, Farhan offers valuable insight to technology and software companies across the sector as a board member and advisor. He is also an Entrepreneur in Residence at King’s College London and a guest lecturer at the London Business School.

Peter Stegmaier

Board Member, Zyfra Mining
Peter brings more than thirty years’ experience in mining and technology to his roles as an executive and board member. He is on the board of Zyfra Mining and further technology companies. A serial entrepreneur and founder, he possesses strong sales, negotiation and strategic management skills.

Keith Willey

Adjunct Associate Professor, London Business School
Specialising in entrepreneurship, technology ventures and managing growth, Keith has served at the London Business School for more than 20 years. He has extensive executive and board experience and remains an active investor and advocate for entrepreneurs.

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