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Media release

Axora Verified Solution for Short Term Payback

HardHat – integrated SaaS platform to manage safety, projects, stakeholders, and operations

Axora’s ‘Verified for Short Term Payback’ initiative brings total confidence to customers that our experts have reviewed the solution with a view to testing the ROI profile. Specifically we review for short term payback, defined by us as a solution that has demonstrated the ability to deliver hard cost savings that more than offset the cost of purchase and deployment, within a period of 12 months or less. We insist on reviewing at least one real case study and assess the data with our expert team, if necessary speaking directly to the case study customer.

HardHat is an integrated SaaS platform that helps you manage people, health & safety, operations and projects on a single platform. Based on the SalesForce platform the system provides role based value for field users, corporate users, project or site users and communities & partners.

The solution connects previously disparate data sets in mining and oil and gas operations to improve operations, health and safety and productivity including providing functionality like incident management, compliance, site and operations planning and collaboration. In one case study at a mid tier Australia gold producer where the solution was deployed in a new mine with a 10 year expected life. HSE led the requirements who wanted an out of the box solution that could be configured to their requirements. HardHat deployed the solution focussed of Health and Safety management across incident management and collaboration. They demonstrated both hard and soft savings including dimensions such as retiring a costly legacy system, improving productivity and streamlining reporting to show an overall payback of 1.8 months.

A second case study was a mining service company also in Australia who were looking to run their business more efficiently so that they could provide better services to their clients. They wanted to roll out to all users in the business. The solution was focussed on operations management including asset and equipment management, contractor management and training and certification. They were able to demonstrate hard savings from consolidation of legacy systems which did not need to be renewed or maintained. They were able to demonstrate a payback in 5 months based on these and wider productivity improvements.

Axora is confident that HardHat can demonstrate strong payback profiles in a range of industries and scenarios.

You can see this solution in our marketplace here.