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Axora Verified Solution for Short Term Payback

Senseye - insurance-backed ROI predictive maintenance solution

Axora’s ‘Verified for Short Term Payback’ initiative brings total confidence to customers that our experts have reviewed the solution with a view to testing the ROI profile. Specifically we review for short term payback, defined by us as a solution that has demonstrated the ability to deliver hard cost savings that more than offset the cost of purchase and deployment, within a period of 12 months or less. We insist on reviewing at least one real case study and assess the data with our expert team, if necessary speaking directly to the case study customer.

Senseye’s predictive maintenance platform helps you predict asset failures across your entire operation. It works with any sensors or machine and provides value in 3 areas: reduces the need for manual inspections, detects abnormal machine behaviours before they occur, and operates your overall predictive maintenance program efficiently.

Senseye provides an industry leading insurance backed ROI guarantee ‘ROI Lock®’ – if the agreed ROI is not achieved in 12 months, a full refund is made. Axora reviewed 3 separate case studies all of which drove impressive paybacks in <12 months.

In one case at a global steel leader, the customer was able to leverage existing sensors, use their existing staff and reduce unplanned downtime by 20%. This gave a x10 ROI and payback within 3 months. This solution was initially deployed across 50 assets but is now being expanded to 1000+.

In another case study at a global leader in mining an steel, there is a global deployment underway and the system is on track for payback < 12 months based on a team of 6 customer employees leading the deployment and leveraging existing sensors. Over 100 assets are already monitored delivering a short term payback already and the customer has decided to scale to 100s of assets during 2021.

Axora is confident, especially combining with the ROI guarantee, that Senseye can demonstrate strong payback profiles in a range of industries and scenarios.

You can see this solution in our marketplace here.

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