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Axora Verified Solution for Short Term Payback

Tyrion Integration – A secure industrial IoT solution for integrating multiple data sets

Axora’s ‘Verified for Short Term Payback’ initiative brings total confidence to customers that our experts have reviewed the solution with a view to testing the ROI profile. Specifically we review for short term payback, defined by us as a solution that has demonstrated the ability to deliver hard cost savings that more than offset the cost of purchase and deployment, within a period of 12 months or less. We insist on reviewing at least one real case study and assess the data with our expert team, if necessary speaking directly to the case study customer.

Tyrion Integration’s Nucleus solution is a small industrialized IoT edge device. With its open architecture it can be deployed to suit the needs of the end user for bespoke applications or put on top of existing programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to bring data into a centralized place, removing traditional infrastructure. It brings data in from sensors and SCADA systems into the Tyrion Cloud, or customer specified location, transforming into rich information.

In one case study the Tyrion team showed us a comparison between the legacy model & Nucleus approach of setting up an IIOT deployment for a mid sized oil and gas company in Texas. They were able to show capex savings of $2m and OPEX of >$300K p.a. – largely driven through hard savings on the SCADA team which is no longer needed. Even with a retrofit they were able to show payback within 2-3 months.

In a different case study, again in oil and gas but this time relating to the flowback process, they were able to demonstrate 90 days payback based on fast deployment and providing hardware as a service. This was achieved by reducing the cost of operations and more efficient fleet management both of which could be realised as hard cost savings.

Axora is confident that Tyrion can demonstrate strong payback profiles in a range of industries and scenarios.

You can see this solution in our marketplace here.