Why us

Why our customers choose to buy and sell with us...

So why do our customers choose to work with Axora?

Buy with us

We make it easier for industrial companies - across metals and mining, and energy - to discover, buy and sell digital innovation, driving safety, sustainability and efficiency across their entire operations.

Our marketplace of more than 170 curated digital solutions includes vetted innovation that cannot be found anywhere else.

Our people, technology and platform brings this service together – with more to come as we continue to automate the end-to-end process over the proceeding months.


Sell with us

We help industrial organisations - in metals and mining, and energy - discover vetted solutions they wouldn’t have otherwise found. Our in-house innovation experts help solution providers to connect and relate their products to the needs of these complex industries, often helping to build momentum in a new industry or region.

Simultaneously, we work with our community of industrial innovators to understand their evolving needs and challenges. This ensures that we connect the right buyers and solution providers to solve specific business problems.

We showcase the stories and technology of our solution providers through interviews, Q&As and events. Our providers also gain the ongoing support of a community of peers and industry experts.

We also help our solution providers expand into new or previously inaccessible territories, join up with other complimentary solutions, and expand their deployment options through our Channel Partner Network.

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We help customers with their biggest sustainability, safety and efficiency challenges, using innovative solutions.

2022 Globee Award Winner

A bronze award in the 'Startup of the Year: Business Services' category


Establishing a unique business connecting innovators with clients, internationally