Axora in Australia

We are helping Australian mining & other heavy industry take action on
safety and sustainability with our globally sourced solutions.

Some of the key trends and priorities that the Axora team continues to hear from our Australian customers are centred on:

We have worked on several projects with Australian customers in these areas, including diesel emission reduction, water management, IoT enablement, and health monitoring.

Our team is locally informed with our on the ground partners and we regularly attend conferences and customer meetings on both coasts, ensuring we are fully immersed in the industry here.

Axora is helping the Australian mining industry innovate its operations using the solutions they have expertly sourced from all over the world.
Chris Upstone, MD, TitanICT

Our partners in Australia

We have some fantastic partners across the country, all of whom live and breathe the mining industry. When we couple this with being locally informed with our regular visits to Australia and continued conversations with customers, it all adds to the full Axora experience. We also regularly attend conferences and customer meetings on both coasts.

The examples of partners below have access to the full Axora solution marketplace and can assess the solutions in progress in the context of the local mining priorities. Other partners include a range of small consultancy firms and consultants who also bring specific skills and perspectives to the Axora partner ecosystem in Australia:

Titan ICT

Established in 2003, Titan is an engineering company that has specific experience in mining and energy sectors amongst others. They work with us on client solutions that include IoT enabled sensors for equipment reliability, employee health assessments and fuel efficiency solutions. More

Richard Flanagan Mining Consultancy

Richard is a mining engineering practitioner with considerable experience in mine management and mining feasibility studies. More

Technology Business Group

Technology Business Group is a local Perth business specialising in digital transformation in Mining / Oil & Gas. Specialising in IoT and emerging technologies, TBG work with west Australian mining to drive digital change across mining. More

We have a total of six partner organisations so far in Australia - if you would like to discuss becoming a partner please reach out to Nick.Mayhew@Axora.comto discuss.

Example solutions

We have a number of technology solutions that help our Australian customers tackle their industry challenges. Some popular and active examples include:

Plugging the skills gap

Example solution: Environmental DNA monitoring solution to track biodiversity of nearby water sources. Reduces the need for extensive expert field surveys surrounding the mine and allows less specialist employees to manage the monitoring. Read more.

Fuel saving and decarbonisation

Example solution 1. Removing diesel particulates and reducing fuel costs by up to 10%, uses electrolytes to inject small amounts of hydrogen into the air intake of the engine. A non-invasive solution, taking only 45 minutes to install, can drastically reduce fuel costs. Read more.

Example solution 2. Floating fuel-pickup system that delivers clean fuel from the top of the tank to the engine, leaving contaminants at the bottom of the tank. Read more.

Water treatment

Example solution: Water treatment using electrocoagulation, removes contaminants from mine run off water, enabling clean water to be entered back into the ecosystem. Read more.


Example solution: Predictive maintenance solution to cut conveyor belt downtime.

This IIoT monitoring system detects early-stage idler wear and tear, alerting and preventing friction on the conveyor belt meaning conveyor belt fires can be avoided. Read more.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch on the Contact Uspage or email