Achieve your environmental goals with Axora

Axora is here to help you take action on your ESG and environmental priorities

Within an ESG strategy, Axora is particularly lined up with environmental and safety priorities, including decarbonisation, energy reduction, water management and monitoring and mining camp safety.

We are sourcing solutions that are cost effective, simple and make a big difference for our heavy industry customers, and we are passionate about helping organisations take action in this space.

One of the biggest decarbonisation challenges we’re tackling right now is diesel fuel emissions reduction. We are helping companies that rely on diesel to use technology to reduce costs and emissions by up to 10%, in advance of more broad electrification.

Axora has effective proven solutions that support the ESG objectives of the mining and industrial sectors, which directly and positively impacts local communities.
Joan Makonese, CEO, Rolatseng Mining

Our customers' success stories

Our current pilots and rollouts are leveraging solutions that will help our customers with sustainability operations, including:

  1. Reducing their CO2 emissions and diesel consumption from vehicles and generators by up to 10%
  2. Improving their biodiversity monitoring in nearby water sources
  3. Cleansing site water to remove contaminants to allow re-use and release
  4. Reducing water usage by adopting innovative low dust road surfaces

Here are a few examples of the environmental solutions we've sourced for customers.

4 Innovative Fuel Saving solutions all using complimentary approaches

CO2 emissions from diesel engines are a big part of overall CO2 emissions for many heavy industry companies. We have sourced 4 incredible solutions which can save 5-10% diesel costs and reduce CO2 emissions by the same. The technologies pay for themselves, and reduce CO2.

Hydrogen injectionFloating fuel pickupFuel borne catalystHaul truck assist

Environmental DNA monitoring solution to detect and track biodiversity in and around water sources

This solution uses eDNA sampling and bioinformatics analysis to provide you with powerful, reliable data at unprecedented scales.

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Satellite data analytics solution detecting risks in the local environment

This satellite data analytics solution collects data from assets using a variety of satellite and other sources. Through AI algorithms, the spectral signatures contained are isolated and used to identify objects and phenomena. It can monitor methane leakage, tailings movement and much more.

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Manage your organisation's environmental focus and performance

An intelligent sustainability software platform that brings together ESG, learning management and governance & risk compliance into one focussed SaaS platform.

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Solutions for water management and preservation

Water treatment and preservation is a significant priority in mining and heavy industry. We sourced several world class solutions to help organisations do better here.

Wastewater treatmentReduce water evaporationReduce water for dust suppression

We have many other solutions available to fit your needs and power up your ESG plans. If you have a specific industry challenge, please let us try and help you. Simply get in touch on the Contact Us page.

Just three of our African projects, when fully deployed, are forecast to strip out 37Kt of CO2 from their vehicle emissions, or the equivalent of planting nearly two million trees.
Nick Mayhew, CEO of Axora