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COP 26: Can AI decarbonise mining?

Join the Axora Community in this free virtual panel discussion on AI, decarbonisation, and efficiency in mining.

14 Dec 2021

16:00 GTM


The panel discussion covered:

  • The role AI has to play in new deposit discovery

  • How AI can increase exploration efficiency and alleviate the supply deficit of key resources necessary for the green energy transition?

  • How you can increase plant efficiency by integrating process plant design software and AI modelling programmes?

  • How AI optimises shipping to create greener and more efficient supply chains?

This event is available to watch back through our community.


contact-Axora Community

Axora Community


contact-Mark Fraser

Mark Fraser

Account Director

contact-Michael Roy

Michael Roy

Lead AI Analyst, Vale 

contact-Edson Antonio

Edson Antonio

Applied AI and Data Executive, Vale   

contact-Samuel Cantor

Samuel Cantor

Section Head of Economic Geology, Minerva 

contact-Nicolas Tagle

Nicolas Tagle

Head of Advanced Analytics, Antofagasta Minerals  

08 December 2021

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