Webinar: A ‘new normal’ for the mining industry

Technology is transforming the entire mining value chain. But can it make the sector more sustainable, too? Join our expert webinar to find out.

02 Jul 2020

3:00 PM



In our webinar: A 'new normal' for mining guest speaker Pat Lowery shared some invaluable insights around:

  • Mining in the wake of COVID-19

  • The industry's role in a world changed by the pandemic

  • Fast tracking sustainability through innovation

Watch the recording of the full presentation, including a lively Q&A with the audience towards the end.


contact-Dr Nick Mayhew

Dr Nick Mayhew

Chief Commercial Officer


contact-Pat Lowery

Pat Lowery

Former Technical Director at De Beers, and Group Head at Anglo American

Read the full slide deck

Delve deeper into the emerging technology trends with the most potential to drive sustainability in mining.

02 July 2020

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