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Oil and Gas Automation & Digitalisation Conference 2021

Join Axora at this year's Oil and Gas Automation & Digitalisation Conference this September.

22 Sep 2021


Did you miss Nick Mayhew's speech at the Oil and Gas Automation & Digitalisation Conference 2021? You're in luck: the full presentation is now available on demand.

Tune in as Nick breaks down the following insights from our latest Innovation Forecast: Energy report:

  • How the energy transition and oil price volatility has driven the need for digital transformation

  • Why investing in digital technology is the number one priority for oil and gas companies over the next five years

  • How capex reductions and COVID are forcing companies to do more with less

  • Why cloud and IIoT are leading in technology deployments

  • How AI is expected to deliver major growth opportunities in the medium term

Want to learn more? Watch the full recording at your leisure.


contact-Dr Nick Mayhew

Dr Nick Mayhew

Chief Commercial Officer

19 July 2021

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