Webinar: Smart mining: embracing its full potential

The mining industry might now be embracing digital adoption but executing those plans is easier said than done.

20 May 2021

1:00 pm GMT



If you missed our live panel, 'Smart mining: embracing its full potential', you can now listen on demand to our speakers' insights, stories and challenges as they offer salient advice on how to achieve smart mining’s true potential.

Who was on the panel?

  • Agustin Costa, Partner and Industrial Goods Lead, Spanish South America, BCG

  • Carly Leonida, Journalist and Founder, The Intelligent Miner (chair)

  • Mark Fraser, Account Director, Mining, Axora

Watch the webinar to hear about:

  • The current level of digital readiness across the mining industry.

  • Issues preventing metals and mining companies from fully executing their digital innovation strategies and lessons our speakers can share.

  • Best practices and how companies can engage onsite personnel in digital transformation efforts.

  • The potential and future of mining if companies refocus their efforts on execution and achieve the full potential of digital transformation.

Want to watch the full discussion? Access the recording now and watch it in your own time.


contact-Carly Leonida

Carly Leonida

Journalist and Founder, The Intelligent Miner (chair)


contact-Agustin Costa

Agustin Costa

Partner and Industrial Goods Lead, Spanish South America, BCG

contact-Mark Fraser

Mark Fraser

Account Director

09 April 2021

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