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Increasing equipment reliability

In today’s mining industry, productivity and profitability are directly tied to the condition and operating capacity of key equipment. Due to recent technology advances, companies can now maintain their production assets in ways not previously considered possible. By harnessing technologies like machine learning and big data analysis, site managers and plant operators can gain the insights they need to predict, detect, and fix problems in real time.


Intelligent visual detection of contaminants

This tool visually monitors conveyor belts for potential contaminants, helping prevent damage to equipment used in sorting and differentiation that can be exceedingly costly to repair, as well as disrupting production. Upon detecting a foreign object or material, the solution automatically stops the belt from moving and sends an instant alert to workers so the material can be removed. The tool’s cameras connect to a cloud-based recognition server, and together they can identify materials that traditional systems may miss.


Reduction in machinery repairs


More effective than the humans eye

Predictive maintenance AI for CNC machinery

This solution uses AI technology to monitor the condition of computer numerical control (CNC) machinery remotely. Once installed, the system automatically detects any deviations in performance. It then sends notifications to maintenance operators when an anomaly is detected that could lead to a breakdown. This means that parts can be changed or repaired before they affect operations, which helps reduce the risk of downtime. Resulting in a cost-effective maintenance programme that delivers maximum uptime, productivity and revenue.


Yearly savings on repair costs

Asset performance health indicators

This system provides an instant overview on the performance of a facility’s operational equipment from an on-screen dashboard. It helps operators check the status of lots of disparate equipment in one place, avoiding monitor overload in the plant control room. Powered by Big Data and real-time analytics, it aggregates data from thousands of status indicators into simple red, amber or green health readouts. With this simplified view of equipment status, technical teams can then prioritise equipment maintenance where it is needed the most.

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Chief Commercial Officer

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