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Digital readiness

As the potential for digital transformation grows across industries, so does the need for companies to ensure they’re aligned with digital best practice. New technologies can help assess and benchmark digital and IT systems across all functions and operations. As well as helping to futureproof organisations for the full range of challenges and opportunities that the digital revolution continues to present.


Digital maturity assessment

This tool allows organisations to benchmark the progress of their digital transformation against global standards from a range of industries and countries. Collecting data from different business units, markets and functions within the organisation, the tool analyses 36 different metrics. It then uses 5, 000 data points from a range of industries to assess how the organisation compares digitally with its peers. Organisations can use the tool to assess their digital transformation across the entire value chain, checking their progress against internal targets and industry standards.


Data points from various industries and countries

Strategic IT and tech assessment

This assessment creates a digital heatmap showing the strengths and weaknesses of an organisation’s tech and IT functions. Using industry benchmarks and leading practices, it identifies how the organisation can drive down costs and prepare for adverse developments like cyber attacks, industry crises and economic downturns.The process involves assessing over 50 KPIs in areas such as cybersecurity, workforce technological maturity and digital operation models. Results include reduced IT development costs, increased customer satisfaction, greater return on digital investment and more.


Reduction in development costs


Acceleration in delivery


Improved customer satisfaction

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