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Financial analysis

Across all economic sectors, financial analysis technologies are growing more sophisticated and intelligent. Manual data entry and complex spreadsheets are rapidly being overtaken by algorithm-driven solutions that can model a wide array of scenarios to a high level of detail. These capabilities are especially valuable in mining, due to the complex reporting and evaluation needed across many types of project and portfolio.


Fast, standardised project evaluation

This web-based solution allows mining organisations to value and evaluate projects in a less labour-intensive way than current methods, and to see cost benchmarks from comparative projects. Team members simply enter project information into a secure web browser to get started. They can then get detailed predictions of how their project is likely to perform, based on advanced economic modelling and predictive analytics. The resulting analysis can assist with portfolio management, group accounting and project monitoring on a bespoke development basis. In addition, the solution gives users access to a library of case studies from similar projects.


Faster valuation of mining projects

Our team has decades of collective experience, spanning all areas of industrial operations.

Dr Nick Mayhew

Chief Commercial Officer

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