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Airborne observation

Airborne observation is an important tool in effective mining exploration. The use of technical drones, in particular, allows mining companies to gather data in a much quicker, less expensive and safer way than ever before. Drone technology can be used to measure reserve volumes, scanning millions of data points in minutes, while drones fitted with magnetic gradiometers can discover new ore deposits, covering vast areas.


Measuring reserve volumes with drones

This solution uses drone technology to make topographical surveys as simple as pushing a button.


Cheaper than traditional exploration methods

Finding new ore deposits with drones

This solution uses GPS-equipped drones to quickly and cost-effectively screen prospective mining sites. Applying a non-seismic geophysical imaging technique based on magnetic gradiometers, the drones quickly collect surface and underground soil information to a depth of up to 500m, with data automatically analysed for gravity differences that could indicate mineral deposits. This technique allows for faster, more focused and effective exploration compared to conventional methods, as well as offering greater spatial and depth resolution and covering larger geographical areas.

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