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Technology that drives drilling efficiencies is vital to effectively exploring potential mining sites and the ultimate economic viability of the mine. Whether it’s measuring and transmitting data while drilling or automating drill rigs, technology is driving innovation in efficient exploration. Measurement-While-Drilling technology transmits data to the drill operator whilst the drilling is happening, while the latest robotic drill rigs boost precision and safety, as well as driving down costs.


Real-time drill analytics

This system optimises the drilling plan by updating geological models in real time. While drilling is in progress, the system measures forces acting over the drill string, the appearance of vibrations, static pressures and dynamics inside the drill string. It then transmits data to the drill operator, helping to identify higher ore concentrations. Measurements with the system can take around four minutes, compared to one-to-two hours with traditional technology. Benefits include decreased drilling costs and a reduced need to have geologists present, plus increased production rate and overall recovery.


Time saved compared to traditional directional measurements

Autonomous drill rigs

Drilling operations are a common bottle-neck in the production process. Automating drill rigs leads to more precise and predictable operations as well as increased operating hours and worker safety. Robotic drill rig operations range from remote controls for operators, semi-autonomous functions using GPS and GNSS, to fully autonomous operations without a driver. Additional benefits include faster and more accurate modelling to determine growth options, and reduced maintenance and supply costs.


Productivity gains per metre per day 25%

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