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Historically, blasting has been a relatively inexact science. This has led not only to inefficient extraction processes, but also to the inefficient use of explosives and a waste of financial resources. New technologies are coming on line that use digital technology and connected devices to ascertain blast efficiency, enabling operators to use precisely the right amount of explosive, saving money and resources.


Optimising explosive use through data

This solution analyses rock size in order to better optimise blast efficiency. Combining video recognition and cloud-hosted visualisation technology, the solution can continuously monitor and assess the ore grain size in an excavator's bucket down to 10cm. Rock fragmentation analysis provides a clear link to the blast`s effectiveness and allows engineers to optimise explosives consumption and boost productivity.


Yearly savings on explosives


Increase in excavator productivity

Real-time 3D imaging for improved mining accuracy

Poor visibility can harm mine operations, especially at the mine face. This software uses 3D imaging technology to visually map the quality and quantity of blasted ore in real time. As a result, experts can make faster, more accurate drilling and blasting decisions—particularly in mines with poor visibility. This leads to higher quantities of ore recovered, improved waste sorting and excavation accuracy, and increased efficiency through reducing the amount of explosives needed.


Increase in recovery of high-grade mineral

Machine learning to model blast outcomes

Achieving the optimal level of rock fragmentation whilst making the most efficient use of explosives is key to a successful blasting process. This machine learning based modelling tool enhances workflow for optimising fragmentation, whilst minimising explosives use. The solution's algorithms model key variables such as type of explosive, drill pattern, drill diameter and rock hardness, as well as predicting drill and blast outcomes using historical data.


Greater fragmentation with higher energy explosions

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