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There are a number of important technological innovations that can drive efficiencies in the extraction process. These advances reduce equipment downtime and maintenance costs while raising worker safety. Whether it’s tech that monitors excavation equipment or a remote-controlled fleet of heavy machinery, technology is leading the way in boosting productivity and safety, while bringing down operational costs.


Advanced analytics for minerals processing

Declining ore grades and volatile metals prices present a special challenge for mining operations. It is important to maximise productivity and metal recovery of mineral processing plants. In addition, an efficient operation is becoming more difficult due to the growing need to mine more complex ores. This solution assists plant operators in identifying the optimal approach in terms of controlling grinding and flotation parameters to increase throughput, improve recovery and increase revenue.


Improvement in throughput


Improvement in ore recovery


Saving for the mining industry

Smart shovel tooth monitoring

Using computer vision technology, this solution tracks the presence of bucket teeth on excavation equipment. Ideal for equipment such as dozers and backhoe loaders, it alerts operators in real time when teeth are missing. This helps to prevent them getting stuck in other equipment further downstream and causing costly damage and downtime. The technology includes cameras with spotlights, computer vision algorithms that detect tooth loss, and a web interface providing notifications. As well as offering greater protection for the shovel and reduced risk of equipment downtime, operational safety is also improved, as workers are no longer involved in hazardous tooth extraction.


Cost of hourly downtime avoided


Saved on downstream repairs

Remote controlled mining equipment

This solution enables an operator to remotely control dozers, excavators and other mining equipment. The high-precision navigation solution employs sensors, GNSS, radar and LiDAR technologies, and is controlled through a wearable or stationary device. These remote controlled machines can increase productivity, reduce operational costs, increase worker safety and reduce the risk of machine collision.


Increase in productivity


Decrease in operational expenditure

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