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These new technologies are designed to drive efficiencies in transporting resources from the mine. These include autonomous technology driving loading efficiency and capacity in the port, as well as AI-powered shipping planning that uses machine learning to manage multiple projects simultaneously.


AI-powered shipping planning

This planning AI solution improves production and shipping efficiency, leading to increased margins by optimising warehouse space and reducing delivery costs. The tool identifies key dependencies, priorities and constraints relevant to the decision-making process involved in a particular shipping project. The data is then used to train a machine learning model that can manage a large number of projects and variables.


Reduction in penalties

Remote-controlled autonomous shiploaders

This technology allows operators to load ships remotely for improved safety and capacity utilisation. Equipment in the loading area uses CCTV and thermal cameras, lasers and sensors to give the operator a simulated view of the space. Controlling the loading equipment through a software platform, the operator can then choose how and where cargo is placed. The mechanised equipment controlled by the system is automated and therefore able to load cargo containers efficiently. Results include faster loading efficiency, greater loading capacity, and improved safety with fewer personnel in the loading areas.

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Dr Nick Mayhew

Chief Commercial Officer

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