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Improving health & safety conditions

New digital and analogue technologies have enormous potential to improve the health and safety of workers and communities in a range of mining scenarios. From environmental monitoring to hydraulic exoskeletons and real time e-learning platforms, 21st century mining is becoming safer and more productive all the time.


Safety gear monitoring with machine vision

This computer vision solution recognises when an employee is not wearing appropriate protective gear or clothing. Using a local camera network connected to a cloud-based recognition server, it recognises the facial features of individual employees, along with what they are wearing. The solution automatically logs when an employee is in breach of regulations, giving operators access to records through a digital dashboard. It is ideal for assisting large sites to enforce health and safety rules. Benefits include reduced injury rates, injury claims and health and safety violations.


Reduction in injury rate and related claims


Reduction in policy violation

Industrial exoskeleton to boost human strength

Designed for heavy lifting tasks, this exoskeleton reduces physical tension and allows workers to lift heavier weight while minimising injuries. This technology augments individual workers’ strength with high-performance hydraulics, enabling them to lift weights of up to 100 kg with 80% less muscular effort. With this increased lifting ability, one worker can often handle a lifting task that would otherwise need several personnel, as well as being able to hold uncomfortable positions for longer. The technology is built from aluminium alloys and carbon, and its materials can withstand temperatures of up to -15C. It helps reduce physical strain on workers, as well as increasing labour efficiency.


Better labor effectiveness


Cheaper than vendor average

Telemedicine for remote medical diagnosis

Ideal for hard-to-reach and inaccessible sites, this technology allows doctors to conduct medical assessments remotely. The telecommunication technology is integrated with equipment such as stethoscopes and otoscopes, so medical professionals can collect information during video consultations for a full telemedicine solution. The technology is also capable of sending images and continuously tracking a patient’s vital signs. With this technology, hard-to-reach facilities can always access reliable medical assistance, making on-site medical teams no longer necessary, thus eliminating transport costs.

Video recognition of gas leaks

Developed for production sites that deploy gas, steam and liquids, this video-based system automatically detects leaks in pipes and other equipment. Using a local camera network that feeds into a recognition server, it recognises escaping gas and alerts a nearby operator. Improved response time means that the operator can act quickly to prevent further damage or loss of resources. Companies using the technology will potentially reduce pollution and safety risks, as well as the chances of equipment breakage.

Computer vision to monitor safety compliance

This computer vision system mitigates the risk of industrial safety breaches. Using CCTV in combination with machine vision, it can identify and report on safety issues when they happen on site. The system runs visual information from the camera feed into digital models that can assess safety compliance based on past events. It takes numerous factors into account, including the number of workers in a space. Ideal for hazardous sites, the system identifies imminent dangers and automatically alerts workers to any safety violation.

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Chief Commercial Officer

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