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Increasing worker output by investing in upskilling and better collaboration can have a significant impact on productivity levels. Organisations can now take advantage of the latest data collection and visualisation tools to open up much more efficient working practices and enhanced learning opportunities. With the right tools and training, every worker can reach their potential.


App for remote workforce collaboration

This app is used to optimise field resources and synchronise the actions of field teams, both across different sites and working shifts. Team members can log in from desktop or mobile devices to see project workflows, job progress, PPE requirements and training instructions. They can also access chat logs, send audio recordings, real-time reports, and capture data such as videos, barcodes and signatures – all of which enhances procedural compliance. By digitalising paperwork and improving collaboration, the platform reduces non-productive time across sites while increasing equipment effectiveness.


Decrease in start-up, shutdown and changeover times


Increase in overall equipment effectiveness


Reduction in non-productive time

Dynamic workforce efficiency tool

This Dynamic Optimisation Tool (DOT) is an algorithm that helps companies to increase the efficiency of their workforce. It allows businesses to align the availability of their maintenance operators with their real-time work orders. Using Big Data and machine learning, the DOT takes into account numerous factors like technical skills, average performance in resolving problems, SLA requirements, access restrictions, speed of individual workers, and work permits. The DOT also uses predictive traffic algorithms and internal data, such as the average number of work orders resolved by a particular maintenance operator. It uses these analyses to improve the efficiency of field work, while helping operators identify areas for improvement.


Less labor needed


More work orders completed by technicians


Less time to location of work order

On-the-job training platform

This on-the-job learning platform leverages existing study materials and online programs to allow access to training materials at work. It includes videos, best practice guides, written materials, chats and reminders, with real-time feedback and daily progress monitoring. The platform enables employers to use existing online training to upskill their workforce without investing significant capital. Benefits for operators include fast on-the-job learning, adoption of digital solutions and increased worker involvement, leading to improved productivity across the board.

Prediction platform

This solution helps Commercial Managers and Traders understand the relevant leading indicators needed for predicting commodity price direction, and to profit from commercial (contract) options and taking trade positions. It’s a sophisticated data science platform that turns ‘gut feel’ business hypotheses into quantitative factors that are proven to influence price; and ultimately forecast price change.


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