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The technologies transforming Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas Industry is one of the most volatile on the planet: social, economic and political factors all having an impact on the price of oil. To mitigate against these and other factors such as increasingly complex nature of new finds, operators are embracing digital transformation. From automation to predictive analytics, the Oil & Gas value chain is being transformed by technology.



As discoveries of new oil and gas fields are dropping to an all time low, it is becoming more difficult to locate, access and understand new wells. New technologies can have a significant impact on the exploration for new sources. Whether by drones with complex sensor arrays, or autonomous drills - discovering new finds has almost become an industry of its own.

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Development & Construction


Use the latest technologies to better plan and execute on your projects. Through Axora’s solutions discover how to better synchronise projects with digital twins, improve performance with automated asset modelling and reduce costs and work via systematic re-use of designs and experience.

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Operations & Production


Understanding how to drive operational excellence across upstream production processes a key agenda item for all Oil & Gas companies today. We’ve gathered the most successful innovations across the industry to help you answer some of the toughest challenges, from production optimisation solutions to remote monitoring of assets and predictive maintenance of aging assets.

Corporate Function


Breakthrough technology is not only vital to core business processes but also to the corporate functions that underpin them. Project management, collaboration and development can all be better mastered with these tech innovations.

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Working Conditions & Environment


An efficient operation is one where workers are safe and informed, and the working environment is healthy and productive. See the new technologies driving up standards and improving performance.

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