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Managing data

Data has significant potential to inform all kinds of operations, processes and decisions. But managing data can be a time-consuming and inefficient process. Thanks to a new generation of sophisticated AI tools, relevant information and insight can be automatically extracted and analysed from a range of sources. This includes new ways to interpret and manage legacy paper documents, and even understand human emotions from speech.


Project management collaboration system

This collaboration system simplifies and enhances project management to improve stakeholder alignment and make project execution more efficient. Based on data architecture that simplifies information flows, it displays data from multiple sources across several screens, enabling managers to view and discuss project parameters together. Data shown can include activities and priorities, timelines, costs, reach, safety, risks and more, combining multiple databases. The information flow is ideal for cross-functional teams such as engineering and procurement, enabling faster dissemination of project risks.

Mobile document sharing app

This mobile app is a document-sharing solution, designed to help construction project managers access and view files, images and blueprints. Whenever a document is created or updated, team members can send it out immediately via the app. Documents are automatically version-controlled so it’s easy to find the latest version. Staff can add pictures of construction progress so that managers can later see how the building was built. Stakeholders can coordinate directly via the platform and review updated documents, for improved transparency and collaboration. Additional benefits include easier transition from construction to operation, since stakeholders can easily review pictures of the project stages.

Fast data extraction from paper documents

This web-based tool allows corporations to extract data from hard copy documents at scale. Ideal for processing large amounts of invoices, bill payments, receipts, loan agreements and similar documents, it uses machine learning to automate extraction. The tool features a Natural Language Processing algorithm and can apply intelligence to previously unseen documents. In addition to being fully language-agnostic, the tool continually improves accuracy and allows for human validation when needed. Benefits include a drastically reduced need for human involvement and manual data entry, plus faster data extraction at scale.


Increase in employee productivity

Cloud platform to track change management

Developed by a leading global consultancy, this cloud-based platform enables change management programmes to be tracked in real time, unlocking greater certainty and efficiencies for clients. It relies on a roadmap of milestones and allows for decentralised management, full transparency and proactive risk mitigation. A dashboard summarises key milestones and problem areas, enabling management to focus on the issues that matter. Reports show an initiative's progress over time towards key milestones as well as highlighting dependencies and potential risks. This leads to significantly reduced development costs and increased throughput as well as unlocking substantial annual savings.

Plant data storage and retrieval

Easy access to high volume, historical and real-time process data for analytics applications, engineers and data scientists wherever they are. It provides a reliable, scalable and highly performant data ingestion service for operational data.

Prediction platform

This solution helps Commercial Managers and Traders understand the relevant leading indicators needed for predicting commodity price direction, and to profit from commercial (contract) options and taking trade positions. It’s a sophisticated data science platform that turns ‘gut feel’ business hypotheses into quantitative factors that are proven to influence price; and ultimately forecast price change.


Better decision making

Simplified management of information security risk and compliance for upstream

Data security risks are increasing as upstream Oil and Gas companies go fully digital and demonstrating ISO27001 compliance is an imperative. This SaaS solution is proven to dramatically simplify the initial accreditation process and provides a powerful platform for on-going compliance and risk management..


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