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Integrity, reliability & maintenance

Maintaining the integrity and reliability of oil and gas facilities’ underlying infrastructure requires continual technological innovations to deliver optimal production levels. To keep production flowing, any potential faults or disruption to equipment and processes need to be predicted and quickly rectified. From predictive modelling for oil rig equipment, to predicting gas compressor maintenance, the use of AI and advanced analytics is keeping upstream operations on track.


Automated production monitoring

This solution provides automated monitoring of wells and the production system in real time. It covers the whole production process, using sensors to remotely monitor compressors, generators, pumps and many other assets. Data is transmitted to a dashboard in real time, enabling operators to view status data and track production KPIs and trends. The monitoring system uplifts production output closer to optimum levels, lowers maintenance costs and reduces production loss caused by unplanned adverse events.


Lower maintenance cost


Improved production from SRP


Improved production from ESP2

Structural modelling for offshore sites

This software is designed to model the structural operating limits of offshore sites. It helps to reduce the risk of structural failure due to extreme loads from environmental conditions or accidental events, with full plastic analysis for initial, recertification, and safety case design. Using the tool, teams can also determine an accurate collapse design outcome and identify failure mechanisms from events such as ship impacts. This results in reduced risk of structural failure, and maximised lifecycle and revenue generation from offshore assets.


Saved by avoiding the installation of a new platform


Extra productive years ensured

Remote in-life well monitoring

This platform helps operators optimise the productivity of wells from off-site locations, enabling them to remotely monitor well performance and make appropriate adjustments. The platform’s analytical capabilities show operators a combination of surveillance, analysis and well-service management data in a single interface, enabling a more coherent, standardised workflow. Additionally, the platform provides a real-time overview on production value including opex and capex, enabling users to make operational decisions based on the latest economic data.


Increase in productivity

Underwater vehicles for offshore inspections

This solution uses an advanced underwater vehicle to carry out inspections of offshore oil and gas facilities and pipelines. It helps to improve marine environmental protection by enhancing the quality and quantity of monitored data, whilst also reducing downtime and the cost of intervention. The unmanned vehicle offers a cost-effective alternative to conventional monitoring technologies, as it can be operated from existing supply vessels. It comes equipped with multi-tasking interchangeable sensors, optimised in a single integrated assembly, rather than several dedicated tools.

Cloud-based monitoring software

This cloud-based software application monitors critical parameters of subsea wellheads during drilling operations. It combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics to offer an industry-leading digital service. The application’s tools include prediction analysis for onshore and offshore teams, risk mitigation, monitoring of wellhead load and stability, structural failure detection and wellhead fatigue tracking. Providing enhanced collaboration with vendors and partners via web-based applications, it also reduces the cost and need for computing capacity upgrades and in-house security code development.


Decrease in computing requirements

Digitalised testing kits

This solution is a fully automated testing kit for offshore oil and gas facilities that reduces the need for using offshore specialist engineers. The fully automated and portable 'engineer in a box' verifies the flexible riser outer sheath integrity along with ventilation system functionality. This tool essentially digitises integrity management – testing and redefining algorithms, and enabling the operator to take immediate action if anomalies are detected. The reduced need for external service personnel translates into lower costs for the operator.

Drones for offshore monitoring and inspection

With these unmanned aerial vehicles, operators can monitor hard-to-access structures and equipment remotely. Equipped with multiple sensors and real-time data relay, they reduce inspection costs and lower health and safety risks. The vehicles can be used for a variety of applications including pipeline and well inspections. For example, they can check equipment integrity on vertical structures, look for methane leaks and other anomalies. They can also be used to monitor cooling tower integrity and inform 3D imaging. Operators using the technology can spot leaks more easily, reducing environmental risks.


Projected annual savings in maintenance in remote locations


Reduction in inspection time per km of pipeline

Underwater inspection robots

These self-propelled robotic vehicles have a slender, flexible design that enables them to travel over long distances and carry out light inspection, maintenance and repair jobs in confined spaces. Equipped with several key sensors and tools, the underwater robots reduce the need for expensive surface vessels that are currently needed to support underwater operations. The vehicles can be installed on both existing and new fields, for tasks such as visual inspection, cleaning, and operating valves and chokes. These amount to a significant proportion of total subsea inspection and intervention spending.

Intelligent monitoring service

This service collects historical and real-time data and creates readily accessible, interactive tools for proactively monitoring and optimising performance at the facility or individual asset level. The tool enhances a team's ability to visualise and understand asset parameters for a wide range of systems and functions, including compressors, heat exchangers, dehydration systems and more. This allows them to optimise operations, anticipate planned maintenance and potential process threats, and avoid production downtime.

Digital modelling of structural integrity

This solution creates a digital model of offshore assets to assist with structural integrity management. Each digital cyber-twin is a simulation created with data from sensors and controls on the actual physical asset. This data is transmitted to a central repository, where predictive analytics can generate deeper insights into the asset's structural integrity, along with real-time performance analysis that can be accessed onsite or remotely. Benefits include improved drilling efficiency, reduced risk and lower opex of up to 20% across all assets being monitored.


Reduction across the targeted equipment

3D modelling for asset integrity management

This 3D modelling solution supports asset integrity management using a digital twin and smart data processing technology. It gives operators a single source of truth throughout the design, construction and operational lifecycle of any asset to monitor and predict its condition.The digital twin is automatically updated from on-board data sources to accurately show the asset’s health status. This 360 degree view allows operators to effectively carry out risk-based inspection and condition-based maintenance. This results in reduced maintenance costs and overall asset downtime.

Smart lubricant monitoring service

A smart lubricant condition monitoring service delivering insights for industrial companies to optimise equipment health, lower maintenance costs and increase operational efficiency. It uses connected sensors and lubricant expertise to deliver actionable recommendations to give you confidence in your operations.

~6 months

for RoI

Integrated analytics tool to enhance production

This advanced analytics solution aggregates several digital tools under a new operating model to enhance production optimisation. The tool displays real-time performance indicators of production constraints for the whole system, such as loss of energy. It also optimises daily production potential by reducing bottlenecks, as well as suggesting when maintenance is needed to avoid breakdowns. These helpful insights are designed to drive optimal production at every stage of the process.


Positive cash-flow impact per year


Production increase per year

Digital centre for sand control

Designed to prevent equipment breakdowns, this digital centre designs, implements and monitors improvements in sand-affected production. The exhaustive sand control platform monitors sand-affected wells and related processes, while the digital monitoring centre helps boost production and reduce breakdowns. The technology includes Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), which records acoustic signatures inside the well to detect sand entry and build-up. DAS reveals the precise location of these events, enabling operators to take remedial action such as well cleaning. As well as monitoring process changes and tracking KPIs for all sand-affected wells, the platform provides greater overall transparency to the sand control process.


Increase in production on wells affected by sand


Fewer breakdowns

Predictive maintenance for gas compressors

This solution predicts the maintenance needs of gas compressors. Aggregating large amounts of data from sensors and operational systems, it processes the information using advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms. This allows the platform to proactively assess real-time asset health and risk, predicting asset failure and sending alerts for maintenance work. The platform visualises this data in a single dashboard, giving operators an at-a-glance overview of their asset health. This can lead to increased average pump lifetime, reduced workover jobs and significant capital savings.


Addittional days in pump life


Decrease in workover jobs


In savings

Predictive modelling for oil platform

This solution is a web-based predictive monitoring system for gas compressor performance on oil rigs. It functions as an overall health index, using sensors to continuously monitor the status of key systems and predicting deviations in equipment performance and use. All this data is displayed in an easy to use dashboard and used to predict future production potential, based on current flow and performance. Operators using the tool can substantially improve gas compressor performance and reduce equipment downtime.

AI-powered well optimisation

This AI-powered system uses predictive and prescriptive analytics to optimise well production. Collecting data from smart sensors, it recognises and predicts issues such as well anomalies, wellhead leaks, surface anomalies and gas interference.As production continues, the system constantly analyses performance and calculates optimal parameters. This includes optimising pump strokes, avoiding overpumping or underpumping, identifying sticking pumps, optimising chemical treatments and predicting downhole failures. Benefits include a reduction in failures plus a significant uplift in production.


Reduction in equipment failures

Predictive analytics for corrosion impact

This predictive analytics tool is designed to reduce the impact of unplanned maintenance caused by corrosion. It works by collecting and analysing data around previous corrosion issues from various sources, then using machine learning to predict operational maintenance requirements in the field. With this data, operators can make more accurate maintenance decisions, with fewer parts ordered unnecessarily. The solution also helps to significantly reduce major asset downtime.


Reduction in unnecessary parts ordered for field service maintenance


Improvement in accounts receivable collection


Reduction in major asset downtime

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