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Optimising process parameters

The parameters of production performance are being increasingly optimised by breakthrough technologies. These innovations are continually measuring and monitoring production data to make real-time improvements to the end-to-end process. Whether it’s measuring and transmitting data while drilling, AI platforms, or cyber twin simulation models, this technology is a positive feedback loop for optimising production.


AI platform to optimise upstream oil production

This Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform is designed to optimise upstream oil and gas production, using Big Data and machine learning techniques.The AI analyses thousands of production data streams in real time. It then identifies field behaviour and relations, estimates relevant parameters, correlations and uncertainties, and automatically provides up-to-date prediction models for optimisation. The solution drives best practice across all production teams and historical production settings, and frees up valuable time for production engineers.

Integrated production systems

This Integrated Production Modelling (IPM) software enables engineers to create complete field models of oil or gas production systems, including reservoirs, wells and surface networks. Using these models, operators can then reliably optimise their production systems and run in-depth production forecasts. This is particularly helpful to engineers, who can look at simulations of the production system to determine optimum settings for production and revenue in the field. Operations using the technology can benefit from improved collaboration and planning, higher production levels and lower maintenance costs.


Higher production levels


Lower maintenance costs

Digital centre for sand control

Designed to prevent equipment breakdowns, this digital centre designs, implements and monitors improvements in sand-affected production. The exhaustive sand control platform monitors sand-affected wells and related processes, while the digital monitoring centre helps boost production and reduce breakdowns. The technology includes Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), which records acoustic signatures inside the well to detect sand entry and build-up. DAS reveals the precise location of these events, enabling operators to take remedial action such as well cleaning. As well as monitoring process changes and tracking KPIs for all sand-affected wells, the platform provides greater overall transparency to the sand control process.


Increase in production on wells affected by sand


Fewer breakdowns

AI for optimised oil flow

This solution delivers optimal oil flow from electrical submersible pumps (ESPs) using AI and machine learning. Ideal for oil extractions at fields with high water cut, it uses sensors to monitor each ESP in real time. It then analyses the data through a cloud-based server and adjusts pump operation automatically. The technology is able to overcome the limitations of human ESP operations by monitoring more wells with higher frequency and accuracy. Benefits include increased oil flow and revenue from each well, reduced well shutdown risk due to improved controls and lower electricity consumption.


Production increase in under-pumping wells


Net production increase across wells


Pump efficiency in over-pumping wells

Integrated analytics tool to enhance production

This advanced analytics solution aggregates several digital tools under a new operating model to enhance production optimisation. The tool displays real-time performance indicators of production constraints for the whole system, such as loss of energy. It also optimises daily production potential by reducing bottlenecks, as well as suggesting when maintenance is needed to avoid breakdowns. These helpful insights are designed to drive optimal production at every stage of the process.


Positive cash-flow impact per year


Production increase per year

Intelligent monitoring service

This service collects historical and real-time data and creates readily accessible, interactive tools for proactively monitoring and optimising performance at the facility or individual asset level. The tool enhances a team's ability to visualise and understand asset parameters for a wide range of systems and functions, including compressors, heat exchangers, dehydration systems and more. This allows them to optimise operations, anticipate planned maintenance and potential process threats, and avoid production downtime.

Digital modelling of structural integrity

This solution creates a digital model of offshore assets to assist with structural integrity management. Each digital cyber-twin is a simulation created with data from sensors and controls on the actual physical asset. This data is transmitted to a central repository, where predictive analytics can generate deeper insights into the asset's structural integrity, along with real-time performance analysis that can be accessed onsite or remotely. Benefits include improved drilling efficiency, reduced risk and lower opex of up to 20% across all assets being monitored.


Reduction across the targeted equipment

Inventory optimisation support tool

Risk aversion leads to overstocking which ties up working capital. While excessive cost trimming leads to under-stocking with unacceptably high risks of production deferment. There is a need to make sure the right parts are available at the right time. This solution is an inventory optimisation support tool which recommends the optimal reorder points for all stock based on usage, criticality and lead-time.

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