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Enhancing oil recovery

Technology is driving innovation to optimise oil recovery at every stage of the process. Whether onshore or offshore, breakthrough solutions are making the gathering and monitoring of oil production data more sophisticated and actionable, to improve and optimise equipment performance. Digital solutions are also being created to build models and digital twins of key processes. While automating key parts of the well and production monitoring functions is maximising efficiencies across the value chain.


Autonomous well optimisation

Designed to maximise productivity, this software solution optimises sucker rod pump performance in wells. It sends rod pump data directly to the cloud, where analytics software with AI and machine learning capabilities can automate them. This high quality downhole information allows for reduced well volatility, better pump efficiency and increased pump fillage, all of which enhance productivity. Adaptive controllers are connected into the legacy rod pump control system, analysing well site data in real time and classifying wells into operating states of ‘over-pumping’, ‘under-pumping’ and ‘dialled in’. This data helps to optimise operating parameters and allows engineers to keep a constant eye on well metrics, resulting in increased production.


Increase in production

Cloud-based monitoring software

This cloud-based software application monitors critical parameters of subsea wellheads during drilling operations. It combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics to offer an industry-leading digital service. The application’s tools include prediction analysis for onshore and offshore teams, risk mitigation, monitoring of wellhead load and stability, structural failure detection and wellhead fatigue tracking. Providing enhanced collaboration with vendors and partners via web-based applications, it also reduces the cost and need for computing capacity upgrades and in-house security code development.


Decrease in computing requirements

Subsurface pressure model to aid drilling

This tool is designed to build detailed pore pressure models for geoscience teams. Integrating disparate seismic and well data, the tool then applies AI techniques to build pore pressure models and create helpful visualisations. This results in reliable pore pressure data which provides greater clarity on the way data is analysed and presented. Subsurface teams can use this to inform real-time decisions around drilling operations and provide an enhanced level of support.


Potential saving per year


Increased drilling rate

Remote well troubleshooting tool

The Plunger Lift Optimisation Tool (PLOT) is a software solution that allows engineers to remotely troubleshoot wells, optimise controller settings and ultimately boost production levels. Using this remote tool helps to reduce costly delays caused by field personnel needing to travel on site.The plunger lift system is made up of a lubricator that attaches to the well head, a bottom hole spring in the tubing string, a plunger, an arrival sensor and a controller. The additional equipment includes an electronic flow meter, pressure transducers and a control valve. The controller sends a signal to the control valve at the appropriate time to open and close the well.

Up to 30%

Increase in production

AI for optimised oil flow

This solution delivers optimal oil flow from electrical submersible pumps (ESPs) using AI and machine learning. Ideal for oil extractions at fields with high water cut, it uses sensors to monitor each ESP in real time. It then analyses the data through a cloud-based server and adjusts pump operation automatically. The technology is able to overcome the limitations of human ESP operations by monitoring more wells with higher frequency and accuracy. Benefits include increased oil flow and revenue from each well, reduced well shutdown risk due to improved controls and lower electricity consumption.


Production increase in under-pumping wells


Net production increase across wells


Pump efficiency in over-pumping wells

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