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Environmental monitoring

Oil and gas companies have a tremendous impact on the environment and as such have a strong responsibility to monitor and control the ongoing environmental impact from upstream production facilities. As a result of recent innovations in data gathering technology, it’s now possible to gain a clearer and more accurate understanding of the environmental impact of upstream operations. Having the right insights at the right time means companies can go further to protect local communities and ecosystems.


AI-powered well optimisation

This AI-powered system uses predictive and prescriptive analytics to optimise well production. Collecting data from smart sensors, it recognises and predicts issues such as well anomalies, wellhead leaks, surface anomalies and gas interference.As production continues, the system constantly analyses performance and calculates optimal parameters. This includes optimising pump strokes, avoiding overpumping or underpumping, identifying sticking pumps, optimising chemical treatments and predicting downhole failures. Benefits include a reduction in failures plus a significant uplift in production.


Reduction in equipment failures

Underwater vehicles for offshore inspections

This solution uses an advanced underwater vehicle to carry out inspections of offshore oil and gas facilities and pipelines. It helps to improve marine environmental protection by enhancing the quality and quantity of monitored data, whilst also reducing downtime and the cost of intervention. The unmanned vehicle offers a cost-effective alternative to conventional monitoring technologies, as it can be operated from existing supply vessels. It comes equipped with multi-tasking interchangeable sensors, optimised in a single integrated assembly, rather than several dedicated tools.

Smart environmental monitoring

This smart sensor solution monitors environmental impact by gathering physical, biological or chemical information and converting it into usable digital form. They can monitor the quality of key environmental areas such as local water supplies by collating, analysing and sharing their properties in real time. This capability enables them to identify the subtle fluctuations needed to ensure sound environmental policy reporting and compliance.

Mobile app for smart complaint management

This mobile-based platform enables better communication and understanding between companies and local communities. Complaints or concerns from workers or community members can be posted directly to the platform’s bulletin board, with issues automatically categorised using language detection and pattern analysis technology to categorise the complaints and highlight the hot topics. Staff can then use the insights to detect and resolve potential conflicts quickly, thus reducing the likelihood of grievances escalating and even interruptions to projects. The platform also has indicators that measure efficiency in dealing with complaints, such as user satisfaction and time taken to resolve grievances.

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