The Axora Innovation Forecast

Axora’s Innovation Forecast - an annual market research report featuring data from over 160 senior mining decision makers around the world - is back for its third year running. The report details the trends and technologies driving the metals and mining industry forward, as well as the barriers stopping it.  In our 2022/23 report, we talked about how technologies offer companies an element of control in an industry where many factors are out of their control.  

Our 2023/24 data opens a new chapter in that story – because many barriers to innovation are within organisations’ control. Which begs the question: are companies hindering their own progress? You will soon be able to download our 2023/24 Innovation Forecast to find out more. This time round, we’ve made it even more digestible, featuring the best bits only. And you can download the reports from our previous surveys, where you can see the shift since the pandemic. In the meantime, you can review our 2022/23 report via the button below.

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