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Technology offers a competitive edge in an ever-changing world. So which technologies will help you stay ahead of the game? The Axora Innovation Forecast distils trends and insights from global leaders in both energy and metals and mining, all to help you to discover the digital solutions that will enable you to operate faster, safer and more sustainably.

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Transmission possible: the promise of ultrasonic technology in metals and mining

CopSonic COO Brian Roeten joins Axora's Joe Carr to discuss ultrasonic technology’s extraordinary potential for security and safety applications in metals and mining.

Joe Carr

29 April 2021


Shovel bucket AI cameras that analyse fragmentation to optimise blasting

Metals & Mining

By retrofitting these AI cameras to your excavator, it’s possible to accurately determine fragmentation size. This can be used to improve blast and excavator performance and cut maintenance costs.


increase in excavator productivity


Why are oil and gas operators hesitant about deploying robotics?

Mike Currie, Vice President of Marketing and RevOps at Gecko Robotics, tells us about the energy industry’s hesitancy to adopt robots and how it can overcome these barriers.

Jay Gujral

20 July 2021


AI-powered well optimisation

Oil & Gas

AI-powered predictive and prescriptive well-optimisation analytics system.


cut in equipment failures

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