The Axora Innovation Forecast 2021: Energy

Has the energy industry turned a corner on digital transformation?

Following an uncertain year, energy professionals share their biggest challenges and how they believe technology will help sustain their organisations, both in 2021 and beyond.

21 June 2021


contact-Ritz Steytler

Ritz Steytler

Chief Executive Officer

contact-Stuart Gregg

Stuart Gregg

Oil and Gas Innovation Director

contact-Nicole Lyons

Nicole Lyons

Head of Marketing at Axora

21 June 2021

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Why are oil and gas operators hesitant about deploying robotics?

Mike Currie, Vice President of Marketing and RevOps at Gecko Robotics, tells us about the energy industry’s hesitancy to adopt robots and how it can overcome these barriers.

Jay Gujral

20 July 2021


Are oil and gas companies suffering from digital fatigue? Then it’s time to focus on cultural change

BCG Digital Ventures Managing Director and Partner Sergey Sushentsev explains why new technologies also demand new ways of working.

Jay Gujral

06 July 2021


Are mid-sized companies at the cutting edge of digital innovation in oil and gas?

Strategic Growth Services CEO John Young tells us why mid-sized companies are becoming unlikely leaders in oil and gas innovation.

Jay Gujral

13 July 2021


Artificial intelligence could transform oil and gas, but is the industry prepared?

Digital technology expert Charles Lewis explains how companies may need to reorganise to take full advantage of artificial intelligence

Matthew Blenkarn

29 June 2021

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