The Axora Innovation Forecast 2021: Metals & Mining

Has digital innovation in metals and mining moved fast enough in 2021?

As the metals and mining industry gears up for its next super cycle, industry professionals share their digital transformation plans and outline why technology is essential amidst uncertainty and unpredictability.

30 September 2021


contact-Ritz Steytler

Ritz Steytler

Chief Executive Officer

contact-Joe Carr

Joe Carr

Mining Innovation Director

contact-Nicole Lyons

Nicole Lyons

Head of Marketing

30 September 2021

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Transmission possible: the promise of ultrasonic technology in metals and mining

CopSonic COO Brian Roeten joins Axora's Joe Carr to discuss ultrasonic technology’s extraordinary potential for security and safety applications in metals and mining.

Joe Carr

29 April 2021


Can mining technology combat human error and improve health and safety?

Even seasoned workers can make mistakes that compromise their safety, but new technology can help alleviate these risks. Everguard CEO Sandeep Pandya explains.

Joe Carr

27 April 2021


Webinar: Smart mining: embracing its full potential

The mining industry might now be embracing digital adoption but executing those plans is easier said than done.

20 May 2021

Video replay 60 min


AI On-site: How Artificial Intelligence is being used to Improve Health and Safety in Mining

Here is how AI is being used to improve health and safety in mining

James Monighan

23 March 2020

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