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Axora’s Innovation Leaders series

We celebrate the individuals and organisations using advanced technologies to revolutionise work - safely, sustainably and efficiently - in previously unimaginable ways


In a rapidly changing world, technology helps us to solve old and new challenges with fresh focus, expanding our horizons. Many leading industrial companies are using advanced technologies to revolutionise work, sustainability and efficiency in previously unimaginable ways. We believe it's time to celebrate and get inspired by these innovation leaders, both in Metals & Mining and Oil & Gas.

Innovation Leaders in Metals & Mining

Who are the innovation leaders in Metals and Mining, and what technologies are transforming industries in a rapidly changing world?

Innovation Leaders in Oil & Gas

Who are the innovation leaders paving the way in Oil and Gas, and what are the technologies helping the industry to solve old and new challenges?

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New Solution

Extended Reality-based gamified learning platform for improved training

Oil & Gas

Balancing worker safety with downtime that occurs when employees attend unrealistic safety training simulations is a challenge in the oil and gas industry. This Extended Reality platform accurately recreates dangerous and hazardous scenarios.


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