Innovation Leaders in Safety: Oil & Gas

Our newly released report celebrates the pioneers that are transforming industrial safety.

16 April 2021


As methods and mindsets shift, oil and gas companies are challenging outdated practices and embracing better health and wellbeing in the workplace. This report takes a closer look at how the sector’s leading companies are using advanced technologies to revolutionise safety.

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Metals & Mining

Taking the lead from metals and mining, we share four leading solutions that create healthier in-mine environments and safer operations: smart wearables, virtual reality (VR) training, robotics, and industrial internet of things (IIoT).

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Power & Utilities

Technologies from the power and utilities industry have the potential to transform field operations in oil and gas. We explore four products that can help the industry achieve new standards of safety, quality and compliance: drone inspections, artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR), and data analysis.

Our Innovation Leaders

Of course, many oil and gas companies are already leveraging digital innovations to ensure safer and more efficient operations. Our actionable case studies feature invaluable insights from a few of the industry’s most prominent names, including Shell, Kogas and more.

Download the report to learn how you can reduce risks and drive better safety outcomes across your operation.


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Nicole Lyons

Head of Marketing at Axora

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Stuart Gregg

Oil and Gas Innovation Director

Innovation Leaders in Safety: Oil & Gas

Our newly released report celebrates the pioneers that are transforming industrial safety.

16 April 2021

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New Solution

Extended Reality-based gamified learning platform for improved training

Oil & Gas

Balancing worker safety with downtime that occurs when employees attend unrealistic safety training simulations is a challenge in the oil and gas industry. This Extended Reality platform accurately recreates dangerous and hazardous scenarios.


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Predictive real-time safety management platform for the Safe Connected Worker

Oil & Gas

Improve the chances of preventing industrial work incidents with robust intervention intelligence. This innovative SaaS solution gathers data from enterprise systems and IoT devices, and then employs AI software to initiate safety interventions in real-time.


reduced work accidents

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