Axora launches new landing page on environmental progress

At Axora, we're really passionate about helping heavy industry organisations take action on their ESG goals, especially environmental and safety

Our CEO, Nick Mayhew, posted recently on LinkedIn to launch our environmental landing page. For our team this is a huge area of focus and really drives us every morning to get going, reaching out to new customers, working closely with existing ones, and our solution providers, to really make a difference.  We are driven to get companies piloting new solutions urgently - next week, next month etc - to make a difference to their operations and the planet.  We're proud of what we've achieved so far but passionate about doing so much more.

Read the post hereand view our environmental landing page here.

"As we all see the concerning news on the environment, yet note the tension with topics like energy security and net zero plans, I often reflect am I doing enough myself professionally and personally to make a difference. I want to do more but I'm proud of what we're achieving at Axora in this space.
Heavy industry is a bit part of the problem but also part of the solution (e.g. critical minerals for EV) and we're passionate about helping these industries take action today and tomorrow (but not in 5 years !) to reduce their CO2, manage water better and much more.Our new landing page on the work we're doing and the solutions that can help, is now up.
Let me know what you think. We will add case studies to this shortly - the success stories are powerful and certainly drive me to do all I can through Axora."