Axora in Australia: Here’s what we learnt down under

Nick Mayhew, our CEO, takes us on his travels to Australia.

In April this year, I visited Perth, Australia, for five days to meet with customers and partners. My last visit was in August 2022, and it was great to see the changes in industry priorities since then.  

Perth is a hub for mining and a vibrant multicultural city – plus the coffee is much better than you can get in the UK! My schedule was busy, including five customer meetings and eight partner meetings. Axora collaborates closely with TitanICT, and we have a well-established partnership. During my stay, we worked together on customer visits and calls, including one in Queensland. The TitanICT team provided me with great insight and local context, especially with their work on ‘IT for mining,’ where they have a great track record and reputation. We have partnered on our game-changing employee health scanning solution, and a big agenda item was to help some early customers plan their piloting of this. 

I connected with several well-established and experienced people in the local mining community who can leverage our solutions catalogue to help their customers drive further transformation. It’s a fantastic feeling to match with companies and experts that can help us scale our reach while delivering great innovation so local customers can reach their technological potential.  I’m always listening and better understanding the key trends our network talks about. Priorities, of course, vary from organisation to organisation. But three big ones were very evident from my recent conversations:  

We’re working on numerous follow-ups and actively taking referrals from our new partners who are helping their customers transform their businesses by taking action now with Axora’s innovative solutions.   

I can’t wait for my next visit.