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Top 8 innovative mining events in 2022

Explore the most dynamic metals and mining events of the coming year that include a strong focus on innovation and sustainability.

21 April 2022


contact-Sasha Suzdaleva

Sasha Suzdaleva

Community Marketing Manager

The mining industry has reached a pivotal moment in its evolution with the arrival of new opportunities and pressing challenges. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets like net zero demand immense output from mining companies to drive the green energy transition, but they also require the industry to become more sustainability conscious. Innovation is the key to optimising operations and yields while simultaneously reducing the environmental impact of mining, making it a timely and critical topic.

In this article, we will highlight and explore the top mining events of the coming year that are set to address the subjects of sustainability and innovation. We will pinpoint the key sessions and speakers that will shed light on leading issues and solutions, enabling you to plan your approach.

1. CIM Convention 2022

When? 1-4 May

Where? Vancouver

This year’s CIM Convention is set to place a sharp focus on the future of mining. The event is intended to emphasise the changing nature of the industry, and how familiar assumptions can no longer be trusted. Key topics will include digitalization, electrification, and culture shifts, in addition to specific sessions geared towards sustainability, climate change, and tailings management.

The opening keynote itself will put a spotlight on climate change, diversity, and other emerging issues, with expert speakers including Trinity Lloyd, Energy Transition & Sustainability Lead at Google Cloud. Donald R. Lindsey, CEO of Teck Resources Limited, and Randy Smallwood, CEO of Wheaton Precious Metals Corp are also amongst the line-up of esteemed speakers. Following the opening keynote directly, a virtual field trip will be led by mining equipment manufacturer, Epiroc, on the topic of ‘going green.’

2. Mines and Money Online Connect

When? 5-7 May

Where? Online

In a 72-hour event spread the Mines and Money Online Connect event provides the opportunity for mining companies and international investors to interface. With free registration and remote participation, this 2,000-attendee event brings together industry-leading speakers to address priority topics, including sustainability and innovation within mining.

The first keynote panel will focus on the crucial role of mining in powering the energy transition, particularly in terms of what is in store for battery metals in 2022. Facilitating the discussion will be Clyde Russell, Energy Columnist at Thomson Reuters. This session will be followed by a fireside chat that dives deeper into the opportunities for the mining industry that are being generated by the energy transition, featuring an interviewee from CopperBank and LithiumBank. Other sessions include a keynote panel on ESG strategies for mining companies, as well as the Battery Metals Showcase featuring the CEO of Luna Lithium.

3. RawMaterials Summit 2022

When? 23-25 May

Where? Berlin

Touted as ‘Europe’s premier raw materials event,’ the RawMaterials Summit perfectly slots into our list. The event has been organised as a global innovation and technology conference for the sector, targeting the green energy transition specifically. The event is set to include industry representatives, policymakers, academia, and investors, and it is co-funded by the European Union itself.

The event promises to bring together the ‘top players’ in the raw materials space that are driving the green energy transition, facilitating the opportunity to exchange ideas and do business. While specific speakers have not yet been named, the opening keynote will involve European policy leaders discussing why Europe must be poised to lead the raw material revolution.


When? 13-15 June and 28-29 June

Where? Toronto and online

Running from the 13th to the 15th of June in Toronto, and online from the 28th to the 29th, the PDAC Convention aims to bring together governments, companies, and organisations connected to mineral exploration. This long-standing industry event will celebrate its 90th anniversary in 2022, which was referenced in a welcome message from Alex Christopher, the President of PDAC. In his message to introduce the event, Christopher also referenced the dominant role of the industry in transitioning to a low carbon future.

A range of industry-leading speakers will host keynotes during the convention, including Vanessa Davidson of CRU Group, who will address the global demand for copper and the industry’s means to provide it. A session centring on technology will be hosted by Jeff Hanman of Teck Resources Limited, focusing more specifically on innovation and the future of the mining industry.

5. Mine Water Solutions 2022

When? 14-16 June

Where? Vancouver

With both in-person and online participants invited, Mine Water Solutions 2022 will be available for on-demand streaming for 6 months after the event. The event has been established to lead conversations about mine water solutions, with goals to raise awareness, build relationships, and importantly, to learn about the latest technology trends impacting the industry.

In the latest keynote speaker update regarding the event, Kate Sommerville, General Manager at BHP, will play an important role in the 2022 conference. With over 29 years of mining industry experience, Kate’s insights will be immensely valuable in steering the progress of the wider industry. The in-person event is also set to include a field trip led by Saltworks Technologies, which will be heading to a Mine Water Treatment Plant that is currently in production.

6. Euro Mine Expo

When? 14-16 June

Where? Skellefteå

The Euro Mining Expo offers insights into the industry’s cutting-edge innovations and latest methods. This year’s high-end participants list has placed the 2022 iteration of this event firmly on our list, with over 50% of those in attendance regarded as decision-makers and influencers. Euro Mine Expo continues to be a truly global event, and this year, 40 nations will be represented.

Opening the event on the 14th of June will be a talk on automation and digitization, during which tech trends like autonomous field robots, infrastructure inspection, and 3D mapping will be discussed. Digital Twin technology and AI architecture for mining will also be explored, by speakers including David Degerfeldt, Program Manager at Boliden Mines. Other sessions will focus on topics like all-electric mines and next generation green batteries.

7. Mining World Congress

When? June-July

Where? London

Featuring speakers from Rio Tinto, Vale, Anglo American, Glencore, PT bayan, and China Coal, the 2022 Mining World Congress on the 29th and 30th of June is a key event in the industry calendar. Some of the stand-out speakers include Adam Webb, Head of Mine Economics at S&P Global, and Stephanie Waismann, COO at Barclays Ventures.

The first three keynotes are dedicated to innovation topics, including blockchain technology in mining, machine learning for failure detection, as well as IoT and sensors. The event also boasts dedicated sessions centred on real-time sensing and drilling, intelligent mines, and metals of the future.

8. Geometallurgy

When? 7-8 July

Where? London

Geometallurgy 2022 will focus heavily on sustainable resource development. They event will be split into four major sessions, exploring the supply of critical metals and minerals, energy efficient extraction, geometallurgy in practice, and ESG. The event promises to provide an improved understanding of geometallurgy itself, the software required to implement it, and the role it will play in sustainable development.

The evolving field of geometallurgy combines geology and geostatistics with predictive modelling for mineral processing plants. This space offers a host of benefits to the future of the industry in terms of enhancing the efficiency of exploration and extraction, and mining companies, consultancies, and academia are encouraged to join in and find out more.

You can learn more about dynamic mining industry events that are targeting innovation and sustainability topics by exploring our Community Global Mining Events Calendar. There you will find a space in which you can not only find important event information, but also participate in discussions with other experts and thought leaders.

21 April 2022

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