Reagent free wastewater treatment system
Key Facts
Reduction in biocide use
Reduction in contaminants
Reduction in sludge
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Key Business Benefits

Reduces chemical consumption
Replacing chemicals in water treatment
Reduces costs
Reduced cost of chemicals, and lower costs due to reduced transportation and disposal costs for waste sludge.
Reduces sludge
Reduction in the amount of sludge produce compared to other water treatment process
Reduces maintenance
Reduced downtime and maintenance, and reduced onsite storage, shipping and handling of hazardous chemicals.

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Full Description

Almost all mining operations are focused on improving their water management. The process of treating wastewater can be expensive and typically uses harmful chemicals. If not treated correctly, contaminants can make it impossible to recycle or return the water to the environment, and mining operations need a constant supply of clean water. This technology solution is an advanced water purification system that treats waters contaminated with heavy metals, arsenic, suspended solids, and microorganisms. The patented electrocoagulation technology treats industrial water such as acid mine drainage, tailing pond, mining process water, and more.

The Challenge

Historically, electrocoagulation has been criticised for two challenges: sludge build-up and anode corrosion. Typically, sludge settles inside the reactors and fouling of the anodes causes them to stop working. The solution: acid dip and scrub the anodes every few hours. This is costly and causes downtime during maintenance and repairs. This innovative technology has been designed and engineered to eliminate these challenges and to provide a less costly, sustainable solution to water treatment processes.

The Approach

Patented rotating electrodes prevent the sludge build-up and passivation typical of traditional units. The electrical current from the rotating electrodes dissolves the metal anodes into the water so the pure metal ions bind to the contaminants. The unit is modular and scalable, and the anodes are easy to replace. Electrocoagulation removes chemicals from the water treatment process, making it simpler, more sustainable, and affordable. The system produces less sludge than other chemical methods, offering another significant reduction in costs and reduces harm to the environment.

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