Fuel pickup system that delivers cleaner fuel to diesel engines
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fuel economy improvement
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continuous hours of operation
CO₂ emission reduction
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Key Business Benefits

Minimises fuel consumption
By mitigating fuel contamination, this solution improves the engine’s thermal efficiency and, in turn, its fuel consumption
Limits harmful emissions
This solution maintains factory-level emissions standards by helping engines burn cleaner fuel
Increases machine uptime
It also improves machine operation by reducing contamination and premature wear in the fuel and engine system
Reduces unplanned maintenance
By extending the life cycle of the engine, any unforeseen maintenance issues or unplanned downtimes are mitigated

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Full Description

Fuel contamination in diesel engines is responsible for 80% of machine breakdowns and unplanned maintenance. For mining operations, this can seriously compromise productivity, increase operating costs, and result in huge financial losses. Diesel fuel contamination also threatens fuel economy and thermal efficiency, leading to an increase in harmful emissions. The solution? An in-tank, fit-and-forget product that prevents harmful contaminants from entering the fuel pickup pipe.

The Challenge

There are many contaminants endemic to diesel fuel, including sediments, microorganisms, and even water. Because of their greater density, these settle in the bottom 10% of the fuel tank. Traditional fuel pickup pipes in diesel engines draw from the bottom 5% of the tank, allowing contaminants to enter the fuel, cause wear to the engine’s internal components, and increase the risk of engine failure. The challenge with most fuel contamination solutions is that they require constant upkeep and replacement parts. Over time, this becomes expensive, and leads to many hours of equipment downtime and lost productivity.

The Approach

This patented technology is the only aftermarket solution that requires zero maintenance and no replacement parts. Its innovative floating pickup pipe avoids sucking up fuel from the bottom of the tank, where the harmful contaminants settle, and instead draws fuel in from the top of the tank, where it’s the cleanest. This product can be installed in under two hours and works instantly so you can start reaping the benefits immediately. It’s also built to last, constructed from high-grade materials and capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -30°C to 50°C. This makes it ideal for the remote, hazardous locations of mining sites, providing an unrivalled level of equipment reliability so that you can maximise mine productivity.

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