A modular floating cover water conservation system
Key Facts
Up to
reduction in evaporations and odour emissions
Up to
reduction in the presence of algae
Up to
reduction in heat loss
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Key Business Benefits

Up to 97% reduction in evaporation
Reduces the presence of algae by up to 95%
Easy installation
A lifespan of 20+ years

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Full Description

Heavy industry, especially mining, is generally water-intensive, with water playing a vital role in operations and processing.

As the fight against climate change continues, companies must re-evaluate operational processes and procedures to mitigate their environmental impact. Many mining operations face water usage, scarcity and discharge concerns and are searching for ways to conserve and protect their water sources.  

This solution is a water conservation system that helps preserve water by significantly reducing evaporation and other harmful hazards. It’s a modular floating cover composed of hollow plastic hexagon discs made from high-density polyethylene with carbon black and antioxidant additives.  This differs from the traditional balls by being more effective and easier to control and maintain.

The Challenge

The world is running out of water, and heavy industries like mining are desperate to preserve any sources they have. In many cases, semi-polluted water reservoirs like tailings ponds can be re-used over the longer term but often evaporate before that is possible, given the often dry and hot conditions of mining sites and similar around the world.

What is needed is a simple, environmentally friendly and low cost way to reduce water evaporation, especially for water sources that are not likely to be home to much biodiversity.

The Approach

It acts as a water-surface shield, and the innovative design means the cover sinks slightly under the surface instead of floating on top. This guarantees full coverage and water protection and stops it from being removed in strong winds. This shield can help mining companies protect water sources from evaporation.

It is also proven beneficial to operations relying on leaching as it helps maintain the temperature of the solution in colder climates. It's suited for all industrial ponds, such as those used for process water or tailings.  

The solution provider has also created software using an algorithm that can analyse evaporation rates anywhere in the world using the coordinates and weather trends of the area. This software can measure evaporation rates pre- and post-installation for comparison purposes.

Floating covers have been on the market for decades, but with its high durability and robust design, this modular cover offers a more efficient and effective solution than its competitors. Its sturdy design provides excellent wind resistance.   Covering the surface with the hexagons eliminates the liquid-gas interface, blocks sunlight entrance and acts like a shield. This significantly reduces evaporation, algae growth odour emissions and heat loss.  It reduces energy costs by maintaining temperatures on the surface, and in colder environments, the insulation properties significantly delay the freezing point by many hours.

This product is environmentally friendly, and the plastic is 100% recyclable. It can also be manufactured using new or recycled HDPE. With minimal installation and maintenance requirements, the cover reduces the labour costs required to maintain reservoirs.

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