Continuous monitoring cyber-security solution that protects vulnerable assets and data from hackers
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shadow IT auto detection rate
4 hrs
to detect security critical problems
1 hr
to detect data leaks
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Optimised data and asset security
24/7 protection from cyber attack
Better protection than standard penetration testing

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Full Description

The global spend for digital solutions in the mining industry is expected to expand at a CAGR of 13.2% by 2025, according to Grand View Research. With this expansion in digital technologies, the vulnerability to external security attacks increases. What better way to protect your operation from hackers than to have your IT systems tested by professional legal hackers? This SaaS cyber-security monitoring and scanning system is developed by some of the world’s top professional legal hackers with military backgrounds. It instantly spots any vulnerabilities in your operation’s digital ecosystem, keeping your data safe and your infrastructure secure. To protect an operation and its assets from cyber-security breaches all the related digital and IIoT systems must be secured and continuously monitored to detect weaknesses that leave them open to cyberattack; standard penetration testing is simply not sufficient for this. This unified cyber-security monitoring and scanning platform safeguards both your organisation’s traditional IT infrastructure and your operational digital systems. This encompasses the industrial control system and the manufacturing flow, through to shadow IT and the human machine interface. Subsidiary and linked companies can also be included in these scans. This 360-degree holistic solution monitors your cyber defences 24/7 to instantly expose weaknesses against any type of cyberattack. It can scan your systems several times a day, week, or month, depending on your specific needs. It then automatically maps out ways your operation could face a cyberattack, alerting you to every vulnerability.

The Challenge

To safeguard their businesses and the energy flows upon which their customers are reliant, energy companies must ensure that their infrastructure is protected against cyberattack 24/7. They must also secure their data and that of their customers. When hackers infiltrate your operational systems, it is often extremely damaging. Hackers can steal your data and the data that you hold on to your clients, they can disrupt your operations and even leave your business completely paralysed. For mining companies with ever increasing autonomous operations and interconnected equipment the potential losses are significant. Traditional IT security systems are not designed to comprehensively protect operational tech (OT) from cyber-attack. IT security focuses on protecting confidentiality of data. OT security focuses on making sure that operational equipment and core businesses are always working. If these systems are not synchronised and optimised to detect and prevent cyber fraud, your operation may be extremely vulnerable to cyberattack. Furthermore, standard penetration testing approaches often fail to find vulnerabilities associated with human errors, and, unsurprisingly, this is the attack vector most used by illegal hackers.

The Approach

This end-to-end SaaS cyber-security monitoring and scanning platform covers every layer of your operation's physical, computer and network infrastructure and it can continuously, or when required, scan each of these areas for anomalies in real time. It ensures that you are always one step ahead of the hackers. Using machine learning and AI algorithms, this solution predicts where the next attack is likely to emanate from by monitoring and scanning every gateway between your internal systems and the wider internet. It picks up server misconfigurations, password leaks and software vulnerabilities and leaks. It also searches for data leaks, incorrect configurations, and leaks on external portals, and it uses targeted fuzzing to find anomalies. The status of each digital aspect of your operation, from the physical equipment, such as drilling systems and pumps, to the network, is then displayed on an easy-to-read dashboard. Your tech team can then see any issues or threats as they arise. If a threat is detected they can instantly block any vulnerable penetration points, escalate issues to senior teams for further investigation or even shut down a network. Already used by many governments and leading global corporations, including AT&T, Tesla and PayPal, this rapidly scaleable solution is constantly being optimised by legal hackers. It requires no hardware or infrastructure and can be tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of large companies or SMEs. To explore this solution, Axora’s customers are being offered one short scan that will provide an initial overview of your scanned infrastructure and possible vulnerabilities.

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