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Metals & Mining

AI-powered platform for standardising and harmonising mining datasets

Key facts

under3 Wksimplementation time
20+active mining customers
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Top business benefits

Produces cleaned and standardised data outputs

The system remembers historic alignments and improves over time

Vocabularies are managed and data is transformed as the system learns to fix typos, alternative labels and legacy codes

Data is ready for machine learning or other AI applications

Documents can be found quickly, easily, and efficiently by all teams (geo-mine-met)

Document library is automatically tagged with key terms and locations, with advanced search functionality

Standardised and customised taxonomies allow for rapid finding and sharing of large volumes of data

System handles alternative labels, misspelling and historic data

In more detail

Full description

Gaining insights from disparate data sources is a common problem and it is no different in the mining industry, especially in geological datasets. For example, geologists should be spending time interpreting and analysing, not searching or preparing, yet it remains common to have data and content left distributed across sites, unstructured, undiscoverable and a long way from providing true insight.

This innovative AI-based solution was built specifically for the mining industry to solve this issue. It can both help harmonise and standardise data sets, including geological ones, producing common taxonomies and vocabularies. It also enables true searchability with indexing and tagging to simply revolutionise the use of data and content inside a mining organisation.

The challenge

Most mining companies have a huge amount of data from mining operations, geological exploration and corporate functions, often combined with external data sources. These are typically dispersed across multiple sites and left in a highly unstructured format with no common taxonomies or terminologies.

This leads to a significant lost opportunity to leverage the insights that could be obtained if the data were more usable, for example by machine learning applications.

Both traditional geological analytical tools as well as newer machine learning techniques and cognitive AI require datasets to be in organised and standardised formats. As such, many mining and exploration companies find themselves unable to fully leverage their data and documents because those resources are simply not in a useable format. This is further complicated by a lack of searchability for ad-hoc queries, rendering the data often unusable in practical terms.

Mining World Magazine in 2019 stated that geologists traditionally could spend up to 80% of their time searching for and preparing data, with only 20% left to actually do their core job of analysing and interpreting this important data. This solution has been built to address this, allowing geologists to spend more of their time providing, rather than searching for, precious insights into their data.

The approach

This solution, designed specifically for the mining industry, uses an advanced AI platform to turn poor-quality data into true business insights.

It first helps harmonise unstructured and unorganised legacy data, providing clean & standardised outputs and helps build a common vocabulary and taxonomy based on the organisation’s needs.

The proprietary artificial intelligence technology allows the solution to remember historic alignments and improve over time.

Additional functionality takes this newly harmonised data and automatically indexes, tags, and geotags the content to provide superior search capabilities across your entire organisation, including semantic search. All, again, designed specifically for mining and exploration companies.

This solution comprises of two underlying products which can be used independently if desired – one product for document standardisation and one for document searching.

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