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Metals & Mining

AI-powered solution for optimising supply chain and routes to market

Key facts


scenarios assessed to maximise margin

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Top business benefits

Increased cost efficiency

Time saved on manual planning

Optimised stock rates

Streamlined logistical processes

Reduced risk of human error

In more detail

Full description

Finding the most effective and cost-efficient route for ore, concentrate or metals to customer requires overcoming a variety of challenges and bottlenecks, especially in industries where there are many moving parts and factors which are subject to statistically significant change, such as in mining. With seasonal, geographical and pricing issues holding sway – not to mention production and logistical challenges – having a solution that gets the right product to the right place at the right time, and maximises return on investment, is key.

This dynamic and scalable automated solution uses AI and scenario-based planning to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the mining supply chain by optimising logistics and creating smoother processes to reduce planning time, increase cost efficiency, and break down barriers to ensure greater overall transparency.

The challenge

Finding an efficient route to market, especially when that market is volatile, can be costly, and people tend to make planning decisions within operational silos which can be inefficient against a backdrop of pressure to be agile and responsive.

This often results in missed deadlines, hidden costs due to delays, and plans which take many people a lot of time to put together but quickly become outdated.

Mining companies are constantly at risk of severe inefficiencies throughout their supply chain. You may recognise the challenges of:

  • Data overload

  • Reliance on other parties who operate in silos

  • Significant complexities across multiple logistics stakeholders

  • The absence of aligned operational, sales, and financial plans

  • The need to automate recurring tasks and predict change success and failure

  • High waiting and loading times

  • Having lots of logistical steps to take

  • The inability to clearly identify scheduling impact on business performance

These inefficiencies directly impact your bottom line.

The approach

This automated solution for demand forecasting, planning and scheduling of mining production, logistics and service processes uses innovative AI technologies to gradually remove people from making planning decisions.

It is an analytical application that models your current business processes and identifies and solves problems that help you decrease costs, improve efficiency, and get your product to market on-time and on, or below budget.

Planning calculations (and recalculations) no longer need as much time or manpower. In fact, precise planning can be done every day, recalculations take as little as 50 seconds, and planning for the next 90 days can be done more quickly and easily every 10 days allowing greater scenario and risk planning and more importantly mitigation planning.

You’ll get a single, seamless source of data that provides cost and profitability measurements, analysis and reporting, and modelling and planning.

How does the solution work?

  • Analysis: predicting product demand, event correlation and anomaly detection, cost calculations

  • Scenario planning & risk management: make your business resilient to known and unknown risks, scenario planning becomes actionable

  • Implementation: easy to make changes, optimised to deal with both volume and sparsity

  • Easy-to-navigate user interface: software applications for every role, can be used simultaneously by multiple people

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