AI solution that optimises grinding, flotation and mill throughput
Key Facts
decrease in equipment downtime
increased throughput
up to
reduction in energy consumption
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Key Business Benefits

Total control over every parameter
The software makes automatic and continuous self-improvements
Detect root causes of failures and get actionable insights
Reduce unnecessary energy consumption and costs by up to 10%

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Full Description

Without the means of regulating every variant of your milling operation, unplanned variations can quickly arise. Failure to detect and correct these leads to a drop in efficiency, a loss of revenue, time, and energy, as well as millions lost in costs. The solution? A pluggable AI software platform that creates, deploys, and manages AI/ML solutions for optimisation of production processes. Using virtual sensors, quality control applications, and user-friendly dashboards, this software allows you to see exactly what’s going on and resolve defects before they become critical issues.

The Challenge

In an ideal situation, the multiple material and control parameters affecting milling operations, from material weight and moisture content to water and ore loading, would remain constant. But this is impossible to guarantee when you don’t have complete visibility. Without the ability to regulate and stabilise these variants, a mill can quickly become overfed or underutilised, leading to overheating of motors, increased energy consumption, equipment failure, and financial loss. Lack of visibility also means that critical issues go unnoticed. Whether it’s changes in ore composition or defects in milling equipment, being able to predict, identify, and remedy these issues is crucial to ensuring product quality and asset integrity. If left, these can cause unplanned downtime, during which the plant is unable to operate. The bottom line? Huge financial hits, decreased productivity, and potential damage to your production throughput.

The Approach

This AI powered software is a pluggable platform with applications that address critical industrial challenges, including predictive maintenance, quality control, materials tracking, automation and optimisation, and the production process structure. Using virtual sensors, video cameras, and machine vision systems, this software solution provides total transparency of the manufacturing process so that you can regulate, stabilise, and optimise every stage of production. Equipment health and product quality is guaranteed with the PdM and Materials Tracking Applications, which highlight failure, quality and anomaly predictions, remaining useful life, and anomaly behaviour. They also detect and identify the root causes of defects in real-time and provide you with actionable recommendations on how to resolve and avoid them. The results speak for themselves. For one company, the use of this software resulted in a 2.5% yield increase, the equivalent of $10M revenue. For another, the PdM Application decreased equipment downtime by 10% and increased the annual revenue by $6M.

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