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Metals & Mining

Anti-collision system for improving vehicle and driver safety

Key facts

typically50%reduction in over-speed incidents
typically$300kannual savings on tyres for an average-sized mine
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Top business benefits

Increases productivity

Improves health and safety

Lengthens asset life

Reduces OPEX

Lowers maintenance costs

This Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS) solution helps prevent vehicles from colliding with other vehicles or objects and improves plant safety and productivity.

In more detail

Full description

In large plants it is common for vehicles to collide with other vehicles, equipment or obstacles.

The challenge

This causes damage to the vehicles and equipment and occasionally breakdowns, which block plant transport routes and can even result in plant shutdowns. This also presents significant health and safety hazards, putting the health and safety of the plant workforce at risk.

The approach

This Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS) solution helps prevent vehicles from colliding with nearby objects or vehicles. The technology is installed on existing vehicles and incorporates proximity sensors, radio wave ID tags, radars and GPS. When the equipped vehicle is dangerously close to another object or vehicle, the technology detects and activates systems, such as sound alarms, brakes and steering.

This CAS technology can also be retrofitted to autonomous vehicles and it can be linked to a Collision Warning System, which only sounds alarms to alert the driver to danger. This solution greatly improves plant productivity, asset life and plant safety.

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2022 Globee Award Winner

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