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Metals & Mining

Automated PPE monitoring with machine vision

Key facts

typically90%reduction in injury rate & related claims
typically45%reduction in policy violation recurrence
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Top business benefits

Reduced injury rates and injury claims

Reduced health and safety claims

Prevent avoidable life-threatening accidents caused by lack of PPE

Reduced operational halts caused by injuries

Enhanced adherence to safety legislation

Improved productivity

Enhanced profitability

Improved employee morale.

In more detail

Full description

Creating a safe working environment means higher worker morale and job satisfaction, as well as a more productive and profitable operation. Preventative measures to reduce accidents are critical for the industry if it is to meet its safety commitments. One of the most complex challenges for the vast majority of operational managers is how to prevent and respond quickly to PPE safety breaches caused by individual workers in complex industrial environments.

This machine vision solution allows operators to prevent PPE safety breaches via the dashboard and then notify individual workers in near real-time, rather than relying on traditional supervisory processes. This solution can operate effectively in dim light, preventing the risk of PPE non-compliance in low-visibility conditions.

The challenge

Many incidents can be prevented or minimised if the correct PPE is utilised. It is a common occurrence for managers and supervisors to witness workers forgetting to wear their safety gear, such as hard hats, gloves or safety glasses, and they currently have to follow up with every worker individually, which is highly challenging in industrial environments.

Incident rates can be especially high with subcontractors, who may lack the familiarity needed to comply with specific safety measures. As a result, they may face injuries which could have been avoided easily with the correct use of PPE.

The approach

This machine vision solution recognises when an employee is not wearing appropriate PPE for the task at hand. Using a local camera network connected to cloud-based recognition, the algorithm can identify employees and determine their adherence to the expected safety requirements.

The solution automatically logs when an employee is in breach of regulations and enables operational managers or supervisors to notify the individual in near real-time by any available method of communication. Operators can get a snapshot of compliance and rapidly access any breach logs through a digital dashboard. It is ideal for large sites to ensure health and safety expectations, especially where constant supervision is difficult.

The solution also includes a cloud server for model training, which can be customised to work with different scenarios and to detect unique markers from a vast range of objects that are specific to your operations. For example, the solution could be customised to detect hard hats or safety gloves based on their distinct attributes such as shape.

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2022 Globee Award Winner

A bronze award in the 'Startup of the Year: Business Services' category