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Autonomous drill rigs

Key facts

typically40%productivity gains per metre per day
typically 25%increase in operating hours per day
typically22%increase in drill life
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Top business benefits

Increases productivity

Increases asset life

Lowers OPEX

Reduces payroll Improves health and safety

With real-time adaptive motion control, this fully autonomous robotic oil drilling rig boosts operational efficiency and production, enhances plant safety, and cuts costs .

In more detail

Full description

The safety, efficiency and effectiveness of manual drill rig operations are reliant on the attendance and full attention of the workforce. Drill rig staff absence or human errors are a common cause of bottle-necks in the oil production process.

This automated drill rig is more precise and predictable, it can operate 24/7 and removes many of the safety risks attached to manually operated drill rigs. This robotic drill system can be deployed in many different forms. It can be fully autonomous and not require a rig driver or it can be operated via remote control by a rig driver. Other semi-autonomous functions that use GPS and GNSS can also be added to the package.

Further benefits include faster and more accurate drill rig modelling to determine growth options, and reduced maintenance and supply costs.

The challenge

Manually-operated drill rigs expose operators and other oil rig personnel to injury risks. Staff absence leads to drill rigs lying dormant and human errors can result in higher wear rates on drill rig parts, which are expensive to repair or replace. By automating drill rigs, safety risks are reduced, efficiencies and production are increased and maintenance costs fall.

The approach

This fully autonomous drill rig, with real-time adaptive motion control, is a highly sophisticated piece of robotic engineering. It coordinates dozens of axes of motion in real time and is built to the robust standards required for drill rigs.

By deploying this fully autonomous drill rig, you remove many of the safety risks associated with manual drill rig operations, you can slim down your workforce, and increase productivity by significantly reducing rig down time. You will also see a reduction in wear and tear on drill rig parts, which makes predictive maintenance easier and cuts part repair and replacement costs.

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