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Simpler and faster discovery, evaluation, procurement and deployment of digital innovation throughout your organisation.



Pinpoint solutions to solve your business challenges
  • Instantly raise your challenges with our team of experts. If we don’t have the right solutions in our marketplace, we’ll scout them out (for free)

  • We vet these solutions and shortlist the best ones for you to review

  • Our team will ensure the entire discovery process is hassle-free

  • Our marketplace of more than 150 curated digital solutions enables you to search and compare multiple solutions across the entire value chain



Ensure you choose the right solution for your business challenges
  • We provide all the information you need and, through our community, you can access other industry experts and hear how they have solved similar issues

  • Our in-house specialists will facilitate the evaluation process and coordinate all meetings between you and the solution provider

  • We can also help you evaluate multiple solutions and will handle the entire process

  • Once thorough evaluation is complete, we connect you with the solution provider and kick off the matching process



Deliver a fast and frictionless procurement process
  • We facilitate negotiations between global organisations and solution providers

  • For more complex business challenges, we set up and run pilot programmes for you and the solution provider

  • Our team works with the solution provider to keep things moving forward

  • We provide the global framework agreements, so you only need to go through one central gateway for everything

  • We support SAP Ariba, and have a punchout catalogue supported by multiple languages and currencies to integrate into your ERP system



Connect you with the right team to digitally transform your business
  • Our in-house innovation experts provide dedicated deployment advice and guidance

  • We assign the best partner via our global Axora ecosystem, or that of our solution providers, to successfully deploy your solutions

  • We help you get value throughout, and hit your ROI objectives

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We help customers with their biggest sustainability, safety and efficiency challenges, using innovative solutions.

2022 Globee Award Winner

A bronze award in the 'Startup of the Year: Business Services' category


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