Conveyor monitoring solution to prevent unscheduled downtime and production loss
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Key Business Benefits

Hardware available
Smart conveyor sensors can be provided
Expert system
No expensive data scientists needed
Holistic Machine Health
Consolidated view over multiple sensor types
Improved Uptime
Predictive view of failure before it happens

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Full Description

Conveyor systems are used extensively throughout mining and other heavy industries and they are mission critical machinery. Any unscheduled downtime literally stops production and causes millions of dollars of lost revenue plus costly repairs.

This solution uses advanced AI models to monitor a range of sensors associated with conveyors – the sensors can be supplied too. Ranging from  idler vibration to pump health, belt vibration and ore size monitoring, the data sources are blended into an holistic view of the conveyor reliability. By predicting failure before it happens, in some cases months before, organisations can save millions in lost production and proactively maintain their conveyor operations. There is also an obvious safety benefit to maintenance staff.

The Challenge

Conveyor systems, whilst being mission critical, are complex and often sit on aged infrastructure with many moving parts. These components are subject to the often harsh conditions of the local environment and are often run 24x7 to maintain maximum output.

There are countless stories of conveyor fires, belt wearing disasters, broken conveyors due to over sized ore and worn idlers. There is a better way.

The Approach

An advanced AI platform that has been developed by industrial AI and condition monitoring experts in Israel, but applied to mining sites all over the world, this solution can absorb numerous data streams from simple and advanced sensors and highlight potential failures months ahead.

The company offers a range of sensors that can be deployed if not already in place, including temperature, vibration, cameras, and oil condition, and they seamlessly integrate through a gateway which interfaces with the cloud based AI platform.

The AI platform has models for conveyors that have been successfully deployed so it is fast to get going – and a comprehensive cloud based user interface provides advanced insights for operational staff to expertly monitor and to receive prioritise alerts. There is also a mobile app and SMS and email based alerting.

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